UWCRC2.0 Project – 590 Victor (1)

Project Description

590 Victor will create safe, accessible, supportive, and culturally appropriate transitional housing units for individuals who have experienced gender-based violence. Operated by West Central Women’s Centre, the transitional housing project will be a place that creates community, the project will offer a variety of integrated supports for the residents.

The project is modeled for 16 transitional housing units with 34 beds: six three-bedroom units, six two-bedroom units, and four one-bedroom units. The common area spaces and the majority of apartments will be fully barrier-free accessible. The units will offer residents a quality standard of living, each unit will offer spacious living areas as well as their own bathroom and kitchen. In addition to the transitional housing units, the building will include spaces for tenant programming, a secure children’s play space, and staff offices. Clients will be referred to West Central Women’s Resource Center by Ikwe-Widdjiitiwin Inc., a shelter for Indigenous women and children leaving situations of family violence, and North End Women’s Center which offers a variety of community support options including housing support.

The project’s program supports will assist individuals to transition to, and maintain long-term, stable housing. The minimum tenant stay would be ninety days. The intention would be to transition the majority of residents to long-term housing within a two-year time period, however, the project will be flexible for individuals who require a longer period of time before transitioning. The rent will be affordable at 30% of the tenant’s annual income, this model assumes tenants are supported by EIA/Federal benefits, including child care benefit.