What We Do

UWCRC/UWCRC 2.0 offers a full range of values-driven development services to non-profit and organizations and other post-secondary institutions.

UWCRC/UWCRC 2.0 services include:

  • Pre-development environmental scans, business case analysis, financial modelling, and feasibility assessments
  • Comprehensive development team assembly
  • Project Management throughout the design and construction process, including: Integrated Design Process; Integrated Project Delivery; Stakeholder relations
  • Access to conventional and alternative public and private financing
  • Land assembly
  • Social Enterprise development and management
  • Commercial and residential property management
  • First Nations economic development consulting and business development
  • Property Management

What We Build

We have a strong track-record of mixed use post-secondary, housing and downtown revitalization projects that create unique, attractive and broadly appealing destinations that blend a diverse range of activities, including:

● education ● housing ● recreation ● retail ● food services ● fine arts

Project Financing

UWCRC utilizes and leverages various public and private financing and funding sources, including:

  • conventional commercial bank and insurance company loans (1-40 year terms)
  • government operating and capital contributions for post-secondary and affordable housing
  • foundation grants and ‘impact’ investments
  • corporate and private donations and sponsorships
  • commercial and residential rents and business revenues
  • PowerSmart and other grants for environmentally sustainable design

McConnell Foundation report

A recent commissioned report by McConnell Foundation about UWCRC can be found here:  Catalyst for Sustainability Full Report

Further Information

In the Shadow of the Ivory Tower: How Universities Are Plundering Our Cities by Davarian Baldwin