Staff Directory

Managing Director
Sherman Kreiner
Phone: 204.988.7116

Executive Assistant
Sharon Nerbas
Phone: 204.258.2958

Chief Operating Officer
Jeremy Read
Phone: 204.227.2952

Chief Financial Officer / Senior Business Analyst
Wayne Flamand
Phone: 204.258.2953

Controller/Business Analyst
Oksana Semotiuk
Phone: 204.786.9838

Abigail Auld
Phone: 204.982.1709

Senior Manager, Real Estate Development & Project Management Services
Linda Palmer
Phone: 204.988.7110

Senior Manager, Real Estate Development & Project Management Services
Marcella Poirier
Phone: 204.789.0202

Project Coordinator
Ginette Helgason
Phone: 204.988.7587

Facilities Coordinator
Chris Gibson (acting)
Phone: 204.988.7654

Tenant Living Manager
Crystal Wels
Phone: 204.988.7678

Board of Directors

    • Dr. Annette Trimbee, Board Chair, UW President and Vice-Chancellor
    • Dr. Jino Distasio, UW Vice-President of Research and Innovation
    • Michael Emslie, UW Vice-President of Finance and Administration
    • Dr. Sharanpal Ruprai, UW Assistant Professor of Women and Gender Studies
    • Laura Garinger, President, UW Students’ Association
    • Dr. Ian Smith, President, Innovative Biodiagnostics Inc.
    • Sherman Kreiner, Managing Director, Community Renewal Corporation
    • Jim August, Chair, UWCRC 2.0 Board
    • Mark Olson, President and CEO, Landstar Development Corporation
    • Angela Mathieson, President and CEO of CentreVenture Development Corp.
    • Dorota Blumczynska, Executive Director, IRCOM
    • Vera Goussaert, Executive Director, Manitoba Cooperative Association
    • Nathan McCorrister, Executive Director, TLE Implementation, Peguis First Nation
    • Mala Sachdva, Principal Consultant, MS Consulting
    • Damon Johnston, President, Aboriginal Council of Winnipeg Inc.
    • Eric Johnstone, Chair, The University of Winnipeg Board of Regents