Merchants Corner Hotel

UWCRC was hired by Merchants Corner Inc., a community-based, not-for-hire to redevelop the Merchants Hotel. Following several years of diligent, collaborative grassroots planning and fundraising, the 15.7 million Merchants Hotel Project, located at the corner of Selkirk Avenue and Andrews Street (South Structure) and Pritchard and Andrews (North Structure), is poised to become a new jewel in Winnipeg’s North End.

Stated for completion in September 2017, the original three story Merchants building, constructed in 1913, is being gutted and expanded and converted to a mix of residential, commercial and educational uses. The exterior restoration will adhere to heritage principles. The adjoining one story restaurant/beverage room, constructed in the 1950, will be demolished to make way for a new additions. The new Merchants Corner will include programming for:

  • academic classrooms and offices

  • study carrels with computer stations

  • café for public use

  • UWinnipeg, Department of Urban and Inner-City Studies Offices

  • CEDA – Pathways to Education Offices

  • 30 affordable housing units (including 13 units in the repurposed Merchants Hotel on Selkirk; and, 17 units in the new residential only structure on Pritchard Avenue, which is being developed by Winnipeg Housing Renewal Corporation