Commercial Expression of Interest

UWCRC 2.0 – Request for Expression of Interest (REOI)
– Main Floor Commercial Opportunities

UWCRC 2.0 Inc. is seeking business owners, entrepreneurs, companies and organizations, interested in potential opportunities to become ground floor tenants in two, 110+ unit mixed-used residential/ commercial towers in Downtown Winnipeg, at 505 St Mary Avenue (adjacent to the Wag’s Inuit Art Centre, near the University of Winnipeg) and 175 Colony Street (facing Broadway Ave., opposite Great West Life). More about site locations and floor plans (on pp.3-5, below).

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More about Site Locations and Floor Plans:   505 St Mary location map         505 St. Mary commercial floor plan                                                                                                                                    West Broadway Commons location map      West Broadway Commons commercial floor plan              

The purpose of this Request for Expression of Interest (REOI) is for UWCRC 2.0 to develop a database of prospective tenants to occupy approximately 7,000 ft2 of new ground floor commercial space in our developments at 505 St Mary Avenue (for opportunities with frontage along Colony and Good Streets and St. Mary Ave.) and 175 Colony Street (for opportunities with frontage oriented to Broadway Avenue).

We are looking for diverse uses, emphasizing smaller scale storefronts consistent with our priority to attract and promote the best in local and independent businesses, including social enterprises. Each of our projects are unique opportunities for specialty retail, new food and beverage concepts, neighbourhood-scale commercial uses, and other community services and amenities.

The ground floor spaces are anticipated to be ready for occupancy in 2020. Lease terms and rates will be consistent with the market.

The selection of ground floor tenants will be based on those uses and businesses that are:

  • best aligned with the overall vision for our projects;

  • promote ground floor appeal and neighbourhood activation;

  • able to meet the financial requirements and lease terms to be negotiated between UWCRC 2.0 and prospective businesses.

The submission period is now open. Interested proponents must complete the following form, which will be reviewed on an ongoing basis. The Expression of Interest is non-binding. The proponent makes a submission for information only. Completing a submission does not entitle or oblige the proponent to take a lease of the property, nor does it guarantee space in the 505 St. Mary Ave and/or 175 Colony Street developments.

After the submission deadline, UWCRC 2.0 the Centre will consider the submissions and will invite selected applicants for further detailed discussions. UWCRC 2.0 Inc. make decisions on which, if any, applicants are successful and will remain in contact these parties to provide periodic updates on our projects and negotiate leases and tenant improvements, etc. UWCRC 2.0 Inc. reserves the right to negotiate with any party whether they have submitted an Expressions of Interest or not.

For more information, see:   Link to Commercial Expression of Interest form

To contact UWCRC 2.0 Inc., e-mail: