Downtown Commons

Downtown Commons located at 320 Colony Street is a 14-storey apartment complex that adds more living options in downtown Winnipeg for students, families and individuals. It is a 112,000-square-foot building, containing 102 apartments, ranging from one to three bedrooms. The apartments include affordable rents for students with families to attend the University of Winnipeg or other post-secondary institutions, rent geared to income basis apartments and apartments at market rents, some of which are considered premium units.

An attractive outdoor terrace has been added for residents. It serves as a common area for all residents to enjoy outdoor amenities, including BBQ, children’s play area and lounge space. The building also features indoor amenity space including a smudge room, meeting area and common kitchen.

For rental enquiries contact UWCRC at 204-988-7678 or or click on the link

The Downtown Commons site includes a location for the Peg City Car Co-op and an electric car charging station. The Winnipeg car sharing cooperative, Peg city Car Co-op, has provided an electric car at the site for use by its members. The charger is available for the general public as well as Downtown Common building tenants.

Kitchen_render_market_option_1 on orange 2

U of W second floor rendering